Behind Your Desk!!!!

I stand in front of your desk, quietly, holding the file against my silk top. You stare at your screen, seemingly unaware of my intrusion. Your hand clicking, scrolling, moving the mouse with such ease and grace. I stare at you quietly, admiring your blonde hair and perfect makeup, your beautiful eyes and perfect lips. You are obviously wrapped up in your screen, working, reading reports I presume. My eyes drift to your neck and I follow it down to your chest. Your skin looks so soft and tender down to your breasts, only half covered by your white top. Your black bra shows only slightly the the fabric and my heart begins to pound. My ***** begins to tingle and i can feel my **** swelling beneath my short but smart pencil skirt.
I watch you as you read. A smile crosses your face and you bite your bottom lip with a sexy smirk. Still reading, you scroll down. I notice your other arm seems to be hidden in your lap. I realize these aren't reports your reading and i become more aroused, wondering what your reading so intently. My face flushes and suddenly I feel warm. I fell my panties getting wetter by the minute. I reach up and released another button of my blouse, exposing my cleavage to the fresh air, trying to cool my nerves. My mind fantisizes about what you must be doing beneath your desk. I clear my throat, "excuse me mam, here is the file you requested." You look up and notice the flustered look on my face and smile, knowing you've piqued n my intrest.
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5 Responses Apr 4, 2013

....and I am hard.

thats awesome :)
can you please add me?

please come in and shut the door behind you. we need to have a discussion about your performance and how we can improve things.


would you add me anyway?

Mmmm, its me behind the desk.

Your way of writing is stunning! You are gorgeous! Thank you!