My Down Time

I go to the lake for a week every spring when the Crappie spawn.I go on Wednesday to get a good spot right on the lake so I can beach the boat right at the campsite.By Friday afternoon all the kids and grandkids and some of their freinds get there turning it into a noisy rowdy lnot so small get together.
It has always been that early morning break of dawn fishing is Pappa's time " Alone". I get up a couple of hrs before dawn and put on the coffee.Stoke up the fire and sit and just enjoy the morning till I feel that temperature change just before dawn.Then I get on the boat and slip out to my favorite Crappie Hole.That small window when they go into a feeding frenzy is one of the most exhilerating moments in life and it gets me charged up for the day.
That changed this last year when as I was sitting drinking my coffee my 7 year old Grandson came out of their tent.Now let me say that this kid is not a morning person and his mom has to fight to get him up for school.He had asked the day before if he could go with me in the morning and I had told him"You gotta get up a whole lot earlier than you do if you want to go with me". Of course I'm thinking no way Dustin is getting up before dawn.But, there he was..Sooo what could I say??
I should also add that he has been fishing since he could hold a pole,so he baits his own hooks and takes his own fish off. He didn't say much as we headed out which is why I think I didn't mind too much.We got to my spot and I showed him how to set his lines. 1 deep..1 shallow..and then a jig for the 3rd.
Just before dawn thery hit !!! The excitement in that boy trying to keep up with his lines was terrific.As he pulled 1 in another line would get a hit.I told him to just leave 1 in once they started biting cause you can't keep up.His excitement reminded me of myself and how I must have looked the 1st time.
Well, needless to say I have an early morning crack of dawn fishing buddy now....chuckling..
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:-)<br />
There were times when my boys would gripe about another camping trip. <br />
No screens, no friends, no internet, wah, wah, wah. As soon as we got there, it was the real deal. Mother Nature is a wonderful hostess. And children are so much at home there.<br />
<br />
My little boys are 23 yrs old now. And they are off backpacking in the mountains this weekend.<br />
Wah, wah, wah.

Funny how a twig or small branch works just as well playing Army in the woods as a 20.00 store bought toy..

I love how camping and fishing continue to be passed down through generations. Especially during a time when kids are so "screen dependent." Good job, Grandpa!

You are sooooo right.With so much technology for entertainment nowdays it's a challenge to get them to use their own imagination.Camping is a great way to cleanse their minds..If only temporarily...

Thanks Lilt..Probably a toss up.

I love your story, Blueize!<br />
I think it would be hard to say who had the most fun, you or Dustin?