Makar Sankranti

iam writing this on the day of makar sankranti (hindu festival). (14 jan 2013)
i love to see flying kites as well as i love to fly kites. on this occasion everyone enjoys kite flying. this is the photo of how makar sankranti looks like in india.

on this occasion , i along with my younger brother and his friends enjoy kite flying .
this festival reminds me of sweets my mom makes and of-course kite flying.

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same here!!!

When we were little my mom used to help us build kite out of newspapers or other stuff, it was fun

childood days are always fun...

It was/is, I have a grandson I can do this for now.

I spent most of the last few years down south... missed kite flying like crazy. If you eber go to jaipur on Makar Sakranti you'd find the sky obliterated by the number of kites in it. I have never been much of a kite flyer but I miss those noons and evenings spent on the roof with my brother and friends.

India is a colourful place... It seems awesome how people get together for almost every festival and celebrate. We also fly kite in a certain season but I doubt that there is any place here which looks as colourful at that time...

i want to learn how to fly a kite.

I remember my first kite flying experience with my brother & uncle...

I use to that when I was in was past..but one of my fondest memories....


I also love to fly kites.

Happy Makar Sankranti Kanishka. I am from Haryana India. Wd you like to be my friend?

yes why not.. :)