Messyest Poop Ever I Did :D

hi :P lol umm, this morning, i woke at 7 (im in va with my dad rn and he doesnt know i do this) i let my dogs out, sat down on the couch and i could feel i really had to go and it was gonna b diahreha x) and so i just kept sitting kept sitting so on, let the dogs in (i talk to them most the time) and told em i was going to take a shower. My dad is at work as i type this but is gonna b picking me up to go get my ID renewed. anyway, i went up stairs, feeling it wanted to come out right there lol. but it didnt (im so very lucky) and got my clothes, went into the bathroom, took all off BUT my underwear (briefs) ^^ and my dad never flushes the toilet after he pee's -.- so i decided to hold my crap (i was planning to just go in toilet) but it went down, then it takes forever to rise back up, so i told myself *its gonna take forever to rise up* (just waisting time) then i decided to just do it in my undies over the toilet. good choice of me doing it over the toilet cause once i was over it, i pushed, and omg it all came rushing out coming out of my briefs down into the toilet (it was the soupy stuff) and i felt my load while it kept leaking out. It was amazingly big, tho of course messy to clean up. Luckly all the soupy stuff all went into the toilet and not on the floor. then i emptied the big piece of my diahreah into the toilet, wiped three times, and just let it keep leeking out lol. then i pulled em up slowly, (feeling the rest of the soupy stuff cuddle my butt) and slooowly walked into the shower and cleaned ^^ it was so awsome! haha. thats basically it. plus i peed and mb-d in the shower. post nicely por favor xP
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lol yeah ima b in NY next week lol. my dads parents are veeeeeery religious

mhm :) im so horny to do it again but i cant lol

Good job!