Only Time I Ever Forgot

I don't really remember this, but I remember hearing my telling my aunt about this when she was trying to potty train my cousin. It seems that around 2 or so, I was put in old style cloth training pants. I usually wore plastic pants over them because things weren't going well and mom didn't like mopping up puddles, so it was plastic pants over my trainers unless we were outside. Anyhow, she told my aunt that one day, I had to poop and decided to take care of the situation all by myself. When she came into the bathroom, I was sitting on the potty with my plastic pants around my ankles, just finishing a big poop in my training pants.

Since then, I can't ever remember actually forgetting to pull mu pants down, but I have, many times, just decided not to do it, and pooped in my pants.
happy2bcrappy happy2bcrappy
51-55, M
Aug 9, 2010