"forgetting" Is Fun.

I know it cant just be me that thinks it is fun to "forget" to pull down your panties when you go to the bathroom. Just recently i hadnt taken a pooped in a week or so mabe more like 5-6 days but close enough. I had decided i wanted to take some laxatives and hold it for as long as possible. I had been eating fruit all day and some beans for dinner around 5:30. I took some laxative pills that i had never used before i took 2-3 and i greatly under estimated the power. By 8 I was cramping up and i really really had to go but i held it and the feeling went away. Then i turned a movie on hoping to get my mind off it as to hold it for longer. Just around an hour later I felt it hit like a train going full speed. Right then and there i knew i was going to explode so i got up and ran to the bathroom kicking open the door pulling my skirt down and "forgetting" to take my panties off i just released. Tons of hot stinky wet **** poured out of my *** and into my tight white cotton panties.(now stained brown but that gives them character) i sat there for a solid minute shooting hot wet **** into my panties filling every spot in them moving up the front over my ***** and all over my ***. Once it filled up it had no choice but to seep out. Once i realize that it was escaping i jumped up and ran to the tub leaving a trail of **** following my and i just crouched down and let the rest flow out. After 5 minutes of constant ******** i gave it one last push just to make sure everything was out and i ended up pushing a huge soft yet firm log into my panties. Hehe at this point i was standing in a puddle of **** getting hornier and hornier as this experience went on i decided to take care of my self multiple times before cleaning up and changing.

Hope you all liked my story! Sorry if its not very good its my first one.. More to come though ;)
Russiangirl666 Russiangirl666
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

It was good :) I can think how much poop was in your panties because you held poop in almost week. It must felt lovely :)

You have no idea :) hehe it felt amazing!!