"forgot" This Morning

It's been several months since I properly soiled myself, but I had a great poop this morning. Sat on the toilet with my briefs on and released. I walked around, feeling the mushy warmth back there.

Then I sat down: heaven! The poop went right back up my buttcrack and was right up against my balls. I reached my right hand inside my briefs and grabbed some of the poop. I smeared my **** with it and *********** while pressing the other poop in my package against my balls. The ****** was intense. There is nothing like getting that intimate and loving with your own poop to bring out a pure animalistic ******.

Even after cleaning up, the glow is still there. You know you've had some fun with poop and that stays with you for days. You had fun with something your own body provided you with. It is the highest form of self-acceptance and self-love.
poopielizard poopielizard
31-35, M
Jan 7, 2013