On A Trip Home

Our family was on a trip back home in southern WV.  And as we stopped in Covington,Va. at a state park, near the highway.  I had the urge to pee, but there were no restrooms, so I decided to go over the hill side and pee in the weeds out of every body's sight.  Well,  started to pee threw my under wear, and as I finished, I started to poop in my under wear, and then just pulled up my jeans, as if nothing happened. and as we continued or trip home, my mother asked me what the smell was, and I said, that I had just farted, and the stink was as bad as if a horse had just **** in the car.  We were about 2 hours from our home when I had to pee again, so I let a little slip out in my pants again, and in the mean time my brother just sat there and watched.  He knew what would happen to me when we got home and he didn't say a word.  I think my brother felt sorry felt sorry for me because I was always pooping and peeing in my pants.  I didn't do well on long trips, and was always sickly.

As, we pulled in the driveway, my brother asked me, what are you going to do to get rid of the mess in your under wear?  I told him, if I ask to camp out, and you stay in the house, then when it becomes time to change later on that night, I'll clean up in the basement and change my clothes, and pretend nothing ever happened!  And one day, I'll do you a favor.  So, he did, and the very next week, I kept my promise.   But a lot of this started, when I was in elementary school, when a class mate introduced me to pooping in you pants.  I asked, why he pooped in his pants, and he said, that the bathrooms gave no privicy and he was always bullied in school.  So, on the way to his house, he always pooped in his pants, but he never got into trouble. So, I thought I would give it a try.  So, we were going to a town fair that night, and that's when I decided to poop in my pants, and i did.  The bathrooms at the fair were very dirty and unsanitary, so then I said to myself I am going to poop in my pants, and **** in my pants too, whose going to know, but me and I did, I **** my first load and pissed my pants, and by the time, I got home my pants were dry, but I still had poop in them, but I slept with my pants on that night, and my mother never found out about it till the next week, when she was cleaning out my bedroom closet, and had found my dirty underwear, and ****** blue jeans in a trash bag, and it was hidden in the bottom of the closet.  That was the first and last time I did it till, I got into my teen years, ten I got more whipping and grounding then I would like to remember.  But, at least it was fun!!!!!!

Summer of 1970.

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Oh why debate? just go for it.

I am sitting here debatin' on to do it again, or what? maybe yes or maybe no? hummmmmmm! what do you think PantsR2PN

That's Ok, for him to think that way! He probably has his head up his ***, anyhow! LOL!!! Anyhow, he is full of **** but doesn't know ho to use it!

oh yeah.. real fun... the rest of us just don't get it

This is just weird, extremely weird!!