Kiss and tell

wet lips,mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue..sipping lightly, licking,tasting,gliding,savoring,dwelling...doing it like forever either in a smooth slow slide relishing the flavor in every bits and piece or intensifying rough moves that can send nerve- wracking desire..ohh... I so love it coz am a french kisser!

Did you know that kissing can help you lose weight, relax, express love, boost your immune system, improve self-esteem, manage stress and stimulate your brain. Have we captivated your interest? Is it too good to be true? Science says no!

French kissing? Think about those tongue muscles! Kissing can give them quite a workout. How about the muscles in your lips, cheeks, face and neck, etc? The possibilities are endless. Kissing will make you smile, too, and that definitely will make you look better, happier and healthier. And, remember: “when you’re smiling the whole world smiles at you.”

So?...let's do the french kissing if we really like such stimulating tireless excercise...hahhaha..
and I so love to do this image above though not in an open space  but in a quiet room wearing a black silky negligee, barefoot while my man in a bare top with just a boxer shorts. enjoying a french kiss with the flicker of candles and slow sweet music. Such a lovely sensuous moment with embracing arms and glued lips knotting two bodies together in the most sensual time.!
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I want to be that man!! I wonder how the poem might read if I was? wanted to graduate from this with a masters degree ( Bachelor of Arts in Kissing)? I think you have a PH. D on this

we yearn for whatever is amiss.

Its the joy of the sensation, the touch and caressing, she is right it all makes sense. our nerves are so connected that just the kiss could send a fire storm rushing through your body.<br />
<br />
very nice story and education. I hope to have plenty home work one day lol and graduate <br />
<br />

so revealing of oneself to another..ty for sharing..Namaste!

i like this..