A Funny Story

Little old man standing alone in the corridor of his old peoples home, old lady is walking towards him, Eh says the old man, have a guess how old I am, mmm, says says the old lady, and proceeds to put her hand down the front, of the old man's trousers, cups his balls in her hand, gives them a squeeze,a little rub,then gets hold of his willy, gives it a rub, a little pull, cups his balls again, takes her hand away, stands back, and says,,,93 ,,,Blimey says the old man ,,,how did you guess that ,,,The old lady says ,,,You told me, yesterday.
OHGOONTHEN OHGOONTHEN 46-50, M 22 Responses Apr 17, 2012

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LOL...I'll have to remember that the next time I am asked. Let's hope that will be sooner rather than later...heheheh

I get it!

Lmao your silly

hahaha love it


LOL cute



Its finally good to hear a good joke-better than my short jokes.

That's the most funny story I ever read in my life

and she'll be back tomorrow..

love it

Terrific story!!! Funny!

Now that's funny LOL

Haha. Love it. :-).

Too cute!! I love old people. I love all people but especially fond of the older ones!!

Thats awesome. :D

ha ha ha unique

oh hahahaha i did not see that answer coming hahahaha, thats funny as.