I ****** My 22 Year Old Teacher ,i'm 15

I,m studying in ------ school.i'm the heart throb of my class .i dated almost all the beautiful girls of my school.

some were older than me and some were young .i have kissed almost every beautiful  girls lips in my school.

many girls approached mr to have sex.but i was not intrested in anyone.  

      everything changed when ms.khera came to our class .she was our maths as well as class teacher.she always wore a saree with sleeveles blouse.she had a medium sized breast and an extremely appealing body structure.

       that was the day when the result of the first test came in ms.khera's class ,i was the 34 roll number i was wondering about the baseball match at the evening.suddenly a sweet voice called"roll no 34" the voice brought me out of my dream .it was ms.khera she asked the whole class to appreciate me as i scored full mark in that test.

       while giving the test paper her beautiful blue eyes were looking straight into my eyes. she didnot speak a word .i moved out of that place.

      it was time we had to base ball. this was our last chance to get selected for the districts.i was to bat last and we had to score 2 runs .i held the bat with atight grip and gave it a good blow it was a home run! we were selected atlast.

     all my friends appreciated me ,when i saw at the auditorium wher ms.khera was sitting smiling at me .i also smiled at her.later on the way to home she saw me and congatulated me.

     one day she invited me to her home she served my elegantly and spoke to me nicely and freely.from the next day on wards we became good friends .she will be always staring at me in class with her beautiful blue eyes .we became closer and closer.she started wearing her saree in low hip and would be standing in a posture in t he class so that part of her naked hip is visible to me.

      due to my baseball matches my marks declined in the subject. she asked me to stay after school for extra tutorials .we would hardly work out a problem per day we would spend most of our time talking .we became  closer that we were touching each others shoulders and hitting in thighs .

       one day she was sitting next to me and stood up and reached to take a book from the shelf in back of me .suddenly her medium sized boob covered in saree and blouse came in contact with my mouth.her body structure and body odour which was peculiar from all the other girls made me crazy.after that incidence iwas starring at her.she understood what wanted to say .

       the next day for my surprise she cam in a sleeveless top and a very short skirt .i could see her boob was larger than its usual size .she was wearing a tight bra which made the boob to appear usual she was starring at me the whole hour but this time even i was starring at her.her structure was more appealing today.her thighs were so beautiful.

       it was time for the tutorial class .i was sitting in the class when she entered.she locked the door saying that it was noisy out side.she sat very closely to me that i could feel her hot breath.she then went to turn on the fan.while returning a book slipped from her hand she bent down to take the here beautiful boobs were clearly visible in the top with two of its top buttons unbuttoned.i knew she did that on purpose

       then she sat next to me and suddenly asked "shall we do it".i asked"what?".she replied i know it is wrong but i cannot help it?"i replied"you know what i too want to make love with you"and added"your boob ,they were so real"she asked do you want to see them".i said yes.

      then i reached for here tops and removed it by unbuttoning it.then i removed her skirt i removed her bra and saw the pinkish wet nipple standing  erect.suddenly she held my head and her lips went deep into mine it tasted like honey.we kissed for nearly 2-3 minutes.then went for her boob and started sucking gave me great pleasure.while sucking her boob she moaned,aaahed and oooohed! it was sexy then while sucking her boob reached to her panties and removd it to see her wet little ***** and started fingering it.

      then she reached for my pants and held my ****.she said "what abig **** you have".then she took my  **** into her mouth ,licking and sucking it .she sucked so hard that it made me to moan but it was a happy pain.she started sucking harder and harder.then i shouted"i'm going to ***.she continued sucking my ****.i exploaded with a large amount of *** going inside her mouth and her lips and cheeks were filled with my ***** .the ***** flowed down the boob touching the wet nipple.then i asked her to lie on the table.then i widened her leg so that my **** was injected into her ***** .we were really having sex.i ****** her harder and harder that we both moaned.i ****** my wonderful teacher till i could explode.then we cleaned our selves and walked out as nothing happened.then we had sex every day after school and i always got grade  

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Never heard so much bull- **** in my life.

You need to focus on books aswell because your grammer is horrible! Great story though (after interpretering it)

Lucky guy! I wish I had been with one of my female teachers