Realized I Liked To Pull Hair During Morning Sex

Was a 3 night stand... had met her at a club after she had started grinding her thick *** against my ****. We had woken up in the morning and I spooned into her back with my hard **** in her *** crack. She reached down between her legs and started rubbing my **** and shortly after, guided it into her already wet and waiting *****. As she was doing this my hand had reached around her and squeezed one of her busty ****. My **** had thrust inside of her warm ****, when she had reached around and placed my hand on the back of her head. I knew she wanted me to pull her hair, and I did. As I pulled it, it would cause me to push my **** inside her more forcefully and this caused me to *** inside her very quickly. It was like the harder I pulled, the harder my **** would go in her, and when I came it was very forceful and as deep as I could. Felt so good!
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please pull my hair very long blonde !

That's why it is so good to **** women with long hair. And why most females like to keep their hair long.

It feels so nice when my bf ***** from behind and pulls my hair.