Waking Up

This morning I am in bed trying to pull my mind into the world of the conscious. I hear the shower going and think I should join him but my eyes are still heavy. Dozing off back into dreamland. Hands are at roaming my body pulling of my Pj and panties. Fingers caressing and lightly pinching my nipples.
My eyes open and my hands grab his wet hair. He parts my legs and dives faces first into my warm *****. He licks gently at first then goes harder and harder. Then sucking in my **** begins it makes my hips jerk of the bed. My toes curl and my skin tickles. It is to much I begin to push his forehead with my hands. He grabs my wrists and pins them to the bed. Resuming his relentless attack with his mouth sucking and flicking my click. Pushing his tongue deep inside. I burst and shiver feeling hot warm juices trickle around me.
He then kisses me deeply I can smell and taste my juices on his tongue. It is so yummy. I push him back taking his fat **** into my mouth. Kissing and sucking the tip. Rubbing the shaft with my hand . I move my mouth up and down slowly then faster. I pause the swirl my tongue around the scar at the head.
He stops me pushes me in my back and hold my legs high in the air and drives in deep. Thrusting over and over it feels good feeling him push in and out. My muscles quiver . The sensation builds.
He moves to the side so we are spooning. His hand is rubbing my breast and nipple. Little kisses on my ear and neck. Makes me squeal in delight. I feel his goose bumps rise hear him moan. He kisses my neck some more . Pulls me close and we both doze back to sleep.
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4 Responses Jan 20, 2013

I have never really wished to be anyone other than myself but right now after reading this story it has me wishing I was him...................................... ;-p

Wonderful :)

Sounds like a very nice way to wake up in the morning... and go back to sleep.

Yes very nice

Good times! But that's all he has to remember! He can't make anything wine and cry like a baby! He doesn't have the goods and that flusters him! He can do everything else so well. His heart is turning to stone! He needs to find a lit candle to turn things around!

His candle will light and has more to offer than he thinks he does he needs to take pride in his heart and warmth. He needs to embrace himself and accept all instead of turning to self loathing.