Sex In Public Is Thrilling

My favorite is to be walking pantiless bend over leaning on the back of a bench with my hands and have my husband take me. I love to be taken on boardwalks. I think I am over the 2 dozen mark for boardwalks.
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

I used to order pizza from the same place and the driver's would compete to deliver the pizza because I was "always" ******* my girl friend. I lived in a small cottage at the time and they could walk up to the door, which I left open but we were usually on a front deck ******* so the delivery guy would always come up and they loved watching. Some would look around my back because we were always ******* doggy style and just watch my balls slapping her *****. Some times they got to see me ***. I would jump up on the bench we were on and shoot on her back. One guy asked if he could feel my gf's **** and another liked gently squeezing my balls. Anyway, it was great.

I had a secretary of mine bent over a wall like that,above the street level,and it just so happened on that Sunday aftnoon,that no less than5 couples stopped to chat, while my full length at peak hardness was buried to the bone up her juicy ****,I d keep perfectly still making small talk,every now and then withdrawing just alittle...then plunging back deep,to her unavoidable gasp!she was super hot and loved to **** anywhere,and anytime!

So AMAzing! I'd love for my husband to take me somewhere like that and have people come up talking with us.