He Took Me To Outdoors For A Picnic At The Forest With His Friends, He Tied Me Up And ****** Me While They Were Watching

it started last month with while we were arguing at the apartment, its just that he always gets pissed at the mall everytime he leaves me to get something or use the restroom i get surrounded by guys either flirting or asking me out. he keeps on asking me if im cheatting on him and when i say no he accuses me again and that got me pissed because he has a sexy body and they're all skinny or average and there a buffed muscled guys, i don't know why he does'nt get it that i won't get satisfied with them since he satisfy me sexually . i threw a pillow at him and shouted " u wish that im cheating and that won't happen u jerk u know that i love u " .....i made sleep in the couch cause i threatened to sleep at my friend's house lol

lol he ended up sleeping in a couch , the reason why i told him that cause he got he extremly annoyed when he always accuse me that and i remember my friend telling me her bf wanted to have sex with other guys lol.....

the next day he woke me up with a kiss all smiley and lovey dovey i thought he was just feeling sorry, he told me that his buddy called and asked him to come on over to for picnic with his friends and wives. i was excited to meet his friends and meet new girlfriends lol.

he told me to pack up some food and my bikini since we'll be swimming and fishing near the lake , he got packed up too . i kinda fell asleep during the ride its so long and boring even the music on the radio was still boring cause i dislike country music lol. and we finaly arrived , i was suprised and amazed with nature's lake view, his buddies were there with a couple of their girl's , i spotted some singles which i shook hands with lol 1 guy winked which i ended up being pulled back behind my bf lol jealous huh.

i kinda got turned on when he gets jealous , i love his predators eye's on me, food was'nt ready and i easily got bored so i walked to the lake and took my shirt off lol i turned around and every was staring at me as if i was about to expose my body lol, i was wearing my bikini under lol i smiled and told them come on let jump, the guys just took their shirts off and jumped in the water lol it was so much fun and sexy when Alex had to drag me away from them lol the girls did'nt like it since i get more attention .

but i like the attention especially when i get to eat my hamburger with putting my jeans and shirt on , and they did the same thing while shivering lol my warmth was my bf hugging me from behind lol they did'nt know that. i kinda pissed Alex off when i got up , he asked where am i going ? , i wanted to say my hair is still wet but i ended up saying " im wet " lol got the guys chocking on their food.

it towel dried my hair, it was kinda cold so i put my shirt on, when i bend over to get my jeans * SMACK *
i jumped up emideitly shocked, wanting to smack the person's face who did that to me " Alex !! , whats wrong with u ! ", i kinda backed away since his eyes were kinda cold steeled eyed like i've never seen him like that before only when he comes home away for a long time like a wild animal's look wanting some hard sex

oh shi.t ..... he's holding a rope .. the next thing i know it he tied the rope around me like a snake , u know kinda like a jacket wrapped around u not hands tide up, i started to get uncomfortable cause the rope is tight and i he still had this serious face of his normally he'll just have a grin licking his lips. he realized my suprised look he just smiled and said "u've been a bad girl.... " i wanted to tell hm that David was behind him just came by and was froze looking at me , Alex whispered " i just wanna fulfill ur fantasy by fu"ucking u infort of guys " . he place me over knee...... " Dammit Alex , thats not my fantasy !" he looked at me and smirked " well now its mine babe " " OW!"
he smacked my tushy really hard , " Alex stop ! now! "

Damn both of the got hard, i could see their bump from the pants, a couple of guys came over the both froze wide eyed looking at my butt , Alex whispered in my ear to put on a show since they're only gonna watch , i knew he was really hard, and i want them to get harder and never forget about me lol * SMACK* " AAhh, owch.. Alex stop or ur gonna me get wet " " wet huh " he chuckled

" AHH STOP "i cried out , he pulled my undies up really hard tearing them , the guys shifted wanting to move to me, Alex made me sit on his lap , i tried to close my legs stopping the guys from look at my P.ussy, he forced them open slowly exposing myself , he started to rub my spot making me feel hot , i was breathing hard and deep , i looked at the guys holding their big bulgde lol licking their lips , " stop alex ur making me feeel hot an wet " , he kept on rubbing saying if i wet myself my punishment would be fuc'king me really hard , i moaned as he kept on rubbing and rubbing reallly hard " STOP " I kinda felt embarrased masturbitating infront of the guys , he pushed me down spread my legs wide and started to like , i mean oh my gosh i got super hard that it hurts especially when the guys started to rub themselves with their hard co'cks out, i screamed ***,ming .

i was breathing really hard and shivered when he licked me clean sucking my cl,it, " u've been a very bad girl .. wetting urself ..time for punishment " he sprang out his c,ock forcing it deep down my throat cu,mming inside my mouth telling me to better drink his milk .
he pulled me off from the ground , made me look deep into his eyes, " i love u " he whispered .i wanted to say i love u back but i ended up.. screaming from hard f"uck he gave me .

i woke up in his arms inside back of the car , covered in a blanket, he was looking at the whole time, he smiled when i woke up, the guys kept on saying how hot it was and how lucky im his girl. i wanted to go back sleep again , he kissed me real deeply which mae the guys go quiet lol. David went in front driver's seat to take us home, Alex wanted to be by my side still gazing at me while a passed out again lol.

what do u think ?

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I think he's an extremely lucky bastard!