Our Fantasies

she brought up the idea of a 3 some or to have people watch.  now i can't stop thinking about how hot it would be to have other people (a woman or a couple) in bed with us.  i'd love to see her suck another guy's **** and to have her watch me eat a woman's ***** from behind.


today's update...i come home and the place is quiet, with my wife nowhere to be seen.  then i notice the bedroom door is closed and i can hear muffled laughs and conversation.  i lean my ear to the door and hear a man's voice saying "oh yeah you love my **** don't you? suck it deeper...i want to come down your throat."  i hear her rhythmically breathing and moaning, then i notice another higher voice, gasping and saying "you taste so good oh yeah i want your juices all over my face yeah baby suck him deeper".  i open the door a crack and see my wife on all fours, the woman underneath her with her head between her legs, the guy has his back to me and is holding my wife's head tight to his groin, pulling her closer and pumping himself into her mouth.  he then takes his hands and lightly plays with her nipples, which causes her to start to grind her hips faster and she reaches her hands around his *** and takes all of his 9 inch **** down her throat.  i open the door as i take off my clothes and say hello.

Crocutaman Crocutaman
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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

Ok - now <strong>that's</strong> an arrangement I'd love to discover!