It Started When I Was 15...

The first time I had sex I was 14 and it was with a 17 year old, I didn't think he did a very good job but we kept ******* for about 6 months.

Then, when I was 15 I met this older guy at work, I worked at a pizza place. He was 30 and I thought he was just SO old. We were so attracted to each other, and after work one day I got in his car and he drove me to this old shed where we ****** for like 3 hours, but it was more than *******. It was me being his slave and it was painful as hell, I walked away with bruises and cuts but I loved it.

He moved a few weeks later, but he had lit a spark. I wanted older and older men. First I emailed him, asking for suggestions, and he hooked me up with Frank, my master from age 15 to 17. He was 56 when I met him. I emailed him at first, I said something like, "Are you Frank? I'm interested in a dom/sub relationship."

He said, "You are now Slave, I am now Master. You will do exactly what I say to do, when and how I say to do it, or I will punish you. I will never pleasure you, you will pleasure me and that will give you pleasure." That very sentence made me addicted to the relationship. I loved how he treated me- like his slave.

I was his slave. After school I went to work, after work I went to Frank's apartment, where I would stay, at least until midnight but sometimes later or even all night. I spent the weekends with him as well.

Some things he made me do (just a few):

- memorize this insanely long list of rules and present them to him every Friday night
- never *** until he said I was allowed to (which he sometimes never let me do)
- bend over the spanking table with my hands tied to posts on either side (if the punishment was really bad he would tie my entire body down) when he said it was punishment time
- every Tuesday night was punishing night, where even if I wasn't in trouble, he would punish be using the new punishment methods he wanted to try

When I turned 16, I moved out with my mom's permission and dropped out of school and quit work. I moved in with Frank and became his 24/7 slave and I wore his collar. I cooked for him, cleaned for him, did research for him, and when he got home I never knew what to expect. Sometimes he'd take me for a walk in the park, with my leash on as I walked on all fours, naked. Sometimes he would make me go into a store naked while he filmed people's reactions. Other times he'd keep me at home.

He had this basement, that he called the Dungeon. He had all of the bad, scary bdsm stuff down there. Sometimes he'd take me down there to experiment.

Then about once a month his 60 year old brother came over and we would have a *********...

If people are interested, I'll post some stories of what we used to do. It was the most intense and terrifying relationship, but I did what he said. He was my master.
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Very good storybe my slave I am 54

Nice story honey x

Awsom story

You have experienced a great deal. I would enjoy discussing more.. You experience is very intense.

pleasepleaseplease write more

Wow! I hope you write more. --HXTP