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I am 56 now but five years ago I had a brief relationship with a lady of 23, Brenda. She was working her way through college as a waitress at a place I liked so I saw her often. She managed to get herself pregnant and since I'm turned on by young girls as well as pregnant bellies I started to flirt with her. She was on her own so she ended up dropping out of school and when she was about five months along I asked her to move in with me. She needed a place and she told me she hoped her daddy could help her out. Ha! She had a sense for my weakness.
She was a good partner though. She kept my townhouse nice and didn't mind cooking. As she got bigger her clothes didn't fit well so before long she was mostly hanging around in a tshirt. That was fine by me and while I had originally offered the arrangement with (mostly) innocent motives I couldn't keep from being aroused. One night after dinner I was trying to move past her in the kitchen and put my hand on her waist to ease past her. She melted against me and that was it. My hands were all over her round belly and ***. She kept saying "I'm sorry daddy. I'm sorry I'm a ****." I was squeezing her **** and pushing against her and she slid to the floor where I propped myself over her belly and hammered away. She moved out of the guest room that day. I helped her through her pregnancy and went with her to he hospital when the baby was born. We didn't have a crib or anything so the baby slept with us. That didn't slow down our sex life at all. Some of our best times were when Brenda would be on her hands and knees with her **** hanging down and the baby latched on. I would ***** mount her from behind and those were probably her noisiest *******.
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