Things Bulls Like

I recently read a post about the collected thoughts of Bulls, and I agree with most of these things.

I like ******* a married woman if her husband has no idea. It’s great knowing I can convince her to cheat.

I like watching the faces of husbands as they deal with the emotions of watching their wife get ****** by another man.

I get off rubbing in a husband’s face how slutty his wife is with me.

I love seducing a married woman and making her husband a cuckold for the first time ever.

I enjoy ******* all over a married woman. It’s like I’m marking my turf.

I love keeping a married woman out overnight or taking her home with me. I know her husband is sitting awake, wondering what she’s doing.

I like ******* a wife in front of her husband and telling him what a good piece of *** she is, or how good her ***** feels.

I like the first time a married woman sees my **** and tells me that I’m bigger than her husband.

I like ******* on a married womans face knowing she has to clean up before she goes home, and ******* in her mouth knowing it will mean I’m always a part of her.

I enjoy seeing her wedding ring while I’m ******* her. It’s a power trip ******* someone else’s woman.

I love hearing a married woman beg me to **** her, because I know she doesn’t get it at home.

I love ******* a wife in their marriage bed.

I love claiming another man’s wife as MY **** or girlfriend.

I like walking into a hotel to get a room with a married woman.

I like hearing someone’s wife thank me after I **** her, or if its a couple I like hearing her husband thank me for ******* her.

I like sending her husband to get me a beer or something while she sucks my ****.

I like giving her to a friend to use and treat her like my property. They love that ****.

I like telling her husband that his wife’s ***** is mine now.

I love when a wife tells me fantasies or experiences she’s had that she’s never told her husband about.

I love when a married woman wants to do things with me that she doesn’t do with her husband.

I like to call a husband on speaker phone while I’m owning his wife in bed.

I like to call a husband and tell him I’m done with his wife and to come pick her up.

I like to take a married woman with me into a drug store, stand in line together and have her buy a box of condoms for us.

I like coming in a wife’s ***** while her husband watches and waits his turn.

I like getting a wife to tell her husband how much bigger I feel inside her.

I like to show up at a married woman’s work place and pick her up for a lunch quickee with her coworkers watching her leave with me.

I like to call a husband at work and and tell him his wife is servicing me.

I love to make her lose track of time so her husband comes home and catches us in the act.

I like having a married woman tell me I was the best **** she ever had, especially if it’s right in front of her husband.

I like to make a husband stand guard while I **** his wife in a public place, or **** a wife in the back of a car in a parking lot while her husband is in the driver seat.

I get off trying to make a husband jealous while I **** his wife.

I enjoy feeling up a wife in a public place, where others might see her.

I like introducing someone’s wife to my friends, telling them she’s my girlfriend.

I dig the risk of knowing her husband might catch us.

It’s fun having a married woman tell her husband that she can’t do without me.

I get off big time ******* a married womans *** in front of her husband.

I like showing up unannounced and lead her off to the bedroom.

I get off knowing that she might get caught but is willing to risk that to get laid.

I love to go out with a wife and her husband to a bar or club, and have the whole place know it’s me that she’s going home with.

I like when a wife I’m ******* tells her friends about us.
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I like you doing all these things with my wife. I want her to leave your *** on her face to show me you have marked your territory.

Great list. I have been on the cuckold end of most of the items on that list. I still remember, and my **** is throbbing as I write this, the time one of the men that used my wife as his ****, had me get him a beer while my wife was licking his ******* in our apartment with the sliding glass door wide open. He drank his beer while I watched my wife lick his *******. I asked him if he had ever had another mans wife lick his ***. I expected him to say no, since I thought it was too nasty for most wives to do; but, he said yes he has had other mens wives lick his *******. He said he enjoyed other mens wives, including mine, lick his ******* because his wife would not do such a filthy thing. I asked him if my wife was a good asslicker, and he told me my wife was an ok asslicker. He also had my wife call me at work once to tell me that she was licking his *******, and then he got on the phone and said he was having a good time having my wife lick his ******* while he talked to me on the phone. My wife said she was glad that he had taken a shower and his ******* was clean.

I am a loser husband and know that any guy is better to **** her than I would. I have never ****** her *** but several have because she only gives it to the bigger dicks. 6+ is what she likes and i'm only 4 1/2.

Hey Cookiemonster83, you sound a little like me

you should let me use your wife. and its good you let her **** others, its for the best

Absolute perfection

Glad you like

My Wife would be up for this as she is very sexually active at the moment, add me to see her pics. Hopefully I am able to let you use her in anyway you wish.

Very Interesting viewpoint and not the first time I have heard many of these things from other bulls. The cuck couple lifestyle sounds very good for all concerned

Well, bull, please show us your tool. I'm ready to lend you my wife so you can ********* inside her ***** and then take her *** right in front of me. She will even ********** me twice in front of you before you do her so it will be clear her ***** and her *** are yours for the whole sex session.

thats what i like to hear. post more pictures of your wife for me.

I've got what she needs, but I'm not into showing my **** to guys, especially ones that call it that.

Hi Bull, this is shadow's wife, and sorry...I don't trust men who can't show their tool while claiming it is what we need. Maybe those muscles and that bull posturing are just there to compensate for a ridiculous little foreskinned dingding, instead of the long thick sglong I really need...

you can private message me if you like, but i don't respond to taunts from cucks and *****. i have them beg for it.

Males who are full of themselves rarely have what it takes between the legs...

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Hey baby, I like the way U think! Love for u to show my husband how a young stud ***** his wife. Or, send me home to him with your fresh *** all over me, mmmmmmm

i would love to do that you!