Comfort And Peace.

When ever I get sad or upset I like to look up at the sky and instantly I am calmed. It's hard to explain, its like when I look at the sky I feel a sense of peace that just radiates from the clouds, especially in the night sky. There is so much mystery in the sky and it gives me something to focus on in spite of my bad mood.
jadedlilly jadedlilly
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3 Responses Jul 29, 2011

Poe42 that is a beautiful quote. <br />
Crazy2LetUKnow I have never been on a plane. I hope to travel by one someday.

I agree :D may the stars hold our sorrows so that we may move onward.

Love it, this is exactly how i feel when i look up at the sky. <br />
It's even better when your in a plane.