Got A Paddling This Morning

I have known for a while that I needed to get my bottom paddled. Well it happened this morning!! I met an older gentleman, probably old enough to be my dad, or uncle, at a hotel near where I live. He got a room, and we went inside. I had been corresponding with him via email and chat over the last few weeks and finally decided to ask him to give me a spanking. While I was waiting for him to check in though, my heart was racing faster than a dragster.

When we got inside the room, he took the wooden paddle from his bag, and lay it on the bed. It was a little bit smaller than a regular school paddle, and ended up putting a sting in my bottom. Anyway he starts in lecturing me about some bad habits I have gotten over the last 2 years. I guess that shows what a long time without being spanked will do to a girl haha. Anyway it turned into more of a discussion than an actual lecture, but that was ok. Finally he decided that the only thing to do about it was to give me a good paddling. 

He told me that 3 offenses, at 5 swats each meant I would get 15 swats with the paddle. I got nervous when I heard this, then he told me to stand up and bend over the desk. A few seconds later I felt the paddle tap my bottom, then got 15 hard swats on the seat of my pants. My right cheek bore the brunt of the spanking, stinging a lot worse than the left cheek. Either way, I knew I had just been spanked, and spanked hard. How I managed not to cry is a miracle, but I definitely said OUCH a few times during the paddling. Not to mention when it was over I jumped up and about screamed, but I definitely let my spanker know that he had gotten his point across with the paddle. My bottom was red afterwards, but not bruised thank goodness.

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

If it were me I think I'd get a little smart and have 30 on the bare. (I have a long no-spank time tomake up for.

I'm curious: Remembering what that felt like, if he had given you a choice between thirty hard swats over your pants or fifteen on the bare, which would you have chosen?

Enjoyed your story next time he may spank you on the bare bottom! then u will know u have been really disiplined