This Is True.

Sometimes i do isolate myself to get away from everyone. It is normal for me to not answer the phone and even not answer the sometimes i just can't.

My kids if they're home are all mom they know were home, im like i don't give a ****. I don't have to answer my own damn door if i don't want to.

Sometimes i just can't deal with people, i don't really care what they want just don't want to deal with them at times. I use to be a lot worse than i am now, because now if there's something that i don't want to deal with on the phone or at the door, ill answer and be like nope! sorry can't help you, or i don't want any or whatever.

It doesn't bother me anymore to be rude to people if i have to be. That isn't the only reason i isolate myself though, i just get down and am alone a lot and if its not family i could care less who it is at my door or on the phone. I mean my kids as my family and my husband.

Or like my best friend because she is like a sister to me and is the same way so we let each other in no matter how bad we feel or look. She is the only friend that doesn't get mad i don't call. You know how some friends or i guess most people if you don't stay in touch enough they get offended.

Its not thier fault its me, but im not gonna trip on it if they don't get why. I hate to explain myself all the time you know. Anyways, I just like to lock myself in my own sanctuary and be peaceful and chill and just block out the whole world.

frosti frosti
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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

So many people put their peace of mind under stress unnecessarially by being polite, and usually end up being imposed on ... been there, done it, made up my mind ... it's for a good cause :) ... good for you frosti :) ...

me too, i feel like that is what im doing at times like a and it definitely does have to do with keeping my state of mind peaceful and in tact.

I call it hibernating, and do it often with no guilt ... when you're peace of mind is at stake, do what you need to ...