Every Now and Then

I am mostly introverted, but a lot of the time i crave other peoples company. When i was little i would have tantrums after school because i couldn't stand the thought of going home alone and not having a friend. Mum reminded me of this recently, and i realised that I'm like that a lot, and my Dad is the same. I like to always be doing something, i get restless when i'm relaxing a lot of the time, so i always seek the company of other people. When i become really close with a friend, i usually spend practically every day with them. This is what my relationship with my best girlfriend was like, before i started dating my current boyfriend, he practically lives at my house now, and everytime he has to leave i just hate it.
But what i have also learnt is that every month or couple of month, i do really enjoy my own company. Every now and then it feels good to be alone with my thoughts, without distraction from other people. I learnt this when i went to the coast and stayed with 30+ friends in an apartment for big day out. It was an atmosphere to thrive in - at the beach, 40 of my friends, alcohol, smoke, music. It really was an awesome weekend, but i regularly found myself towards the later part of my holiday just going back to my own unit (which was always almost creepily quiet and empty). It didn't matter what i did, and i didn't usually have anything in mind, i just wanted to sit, by myself, for an hour or so. And i did this frequently. It really amazed me because I never saw myself as the sort of person to exclude themself from the group, just to be alone and get some peace. But i really did need it. After having lots of company and attention, i realised how nice it is to just sit back in peace and watch things happen around you, slow down for a minute. It's soothing.

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
Mar 17, 2009