Its not just about alcohol and the casual psychedelic and marijuana use that I'm talking about. I just love to get HIGH, alter the state of my consciousness. There are many forms of it, sometimes its just breaking through barriers, think about it, winning over a challenge does get you high as fvck. Breaking up with that ***** that just broke your heart, letting your feelings out, spilling over, emotionally, sensu ally, sexually.....letting it out.....get us HIGH, weird right???

Substances (you know what I mean) kinda gives you the permission to let loose, to go crazy. We might just unleash that crazy devil in us without alcohol giving us the permission to, but its hard, I FVCKING GET IT B**CH!!!! I FVCKING GET IT!!!

Over the sands of time I've gotten myself clean from the conventional consciousness altering substances (not today though haha) and found solace in subtle yet powerful substances around us, like spinach, onions, garlic, green tea, kokum, lemon, watermellon and so on. If you beg to differ then I would advise you to abandon this post and fvck yourself in the azz. Coz food can get you high, its just that we lack the sensitivity to it,

slipdasystem slipdasystem
18-21, M
Aug 21, 2014