It's Not Hard To Get Lost...

As long as I am not listening to the crap on the radio It is pretty easy for me to get lost in the music. If I put on Pandora or my I-tunes playlist, hours can fly by and I wouldn't even know it. It's great for me to think about situations, reflect, not to think, get deep into lyrics,etc. It actually helps me not get distracted from doing tasks or projects. If I have an i-pod going I am so much more productive! I'm pretty sure there was a study done in the US about productivity and music. Happy people work, music makes people happy.... the very laymen result. ;) Retail stores play music to keep both the consumer and the employee happy, grocery stores, elevators try lol... I wonder if any other company's do something similar.
brok11 brok11
26-30, F
May 25, 2012