Drifting Away

Getting lost in music is one of life's great pleasures. Certain songs take me into mysterious depths or set my spirit soaring. John Lennon's dream # 9 is so mystical. I have no idea what " Ah, Powa Kowa kossa kossa" means but it sounds nice. I find everything on Magical Mystery Tour takes me places. I really get lost. Modern English's Ill Stop the world and melt with y ou takes me to mountain tops and while it is playing I really feel like I can change the world. Neil Young's Helpless melts my heart and allows a little sadness to play there. I get so lost in Pearl Jam's Alive that I start belting it out on the Highway and don't care who sees me. Grateful Dead's Box of Rain and Sugar Magnolia really put me somewhere.Uncertain Smile by The The has got to be the happiest music in the world. I've got to learn that on the piano.
Siberia1000 Siberia1000
46-50, F
Dec 12, 2012