The Most Incredible...3 Weeks Now!

Ok, about three weeks back, I was excercising in the basement (aka Gym) at home, and my bf stopped by. It's a walkout basement, and I had the doors open for a fresh breeze, so that was how he came in. The point at which he caught me was just finishing up a rep of bench press actions, flat on my back, arms out. I was bare from the waist up, sweating like a pig, and he stepped in and licked my left armpit. Well...what happened next was like something out of a *****-he literally ripped off the skirt I was wearing, dropped his shorts, and had his way with me right then and there, with great enthusiasm. It was one of the most incredible intercourse sessions we have ever had. Two days later, I was working out again...and he came over again. The EXACT same action and reaction. This has gone on every other day for three weeks now ( I have since just been working out nude-clothing seems pointless, considering)..and I am LOVING it!!!
Wyldekat Wyldekat
1 Response May 8, 2012

Well let me just say that my last three lovers love me licking their they find it to be a very intense erogenous zone for slightly hair the others stubble...same reactions..if you go between the armpit...then slide over to the nipple ...mmm breast ******* follow almost immediately...a lady laying her hands high above her head is very the licking and the reaction ...intense!! Thanks for sharing!1