My Personal Armpit

I love to have my armpit licked. For some reason, this fetish developed when I was sixteen. My friend and I made bets with each other. On a dry and hot summer day, I was invited to a sleep over at his house. I gladly accepting not aware of his intentions. We played chess, and I beat him. He was on the verge of winning, when I delivered checkmate with my queen. After losing, he suggested we play again with a twist. The loser had to submit to being a slave to the winner. I accepted, and was confident in winning again.

However, in a rare moment, he beat me. I was shocked, but I had lost the bet. My friend told me to remove my shirt and raise my hands up. For the first part of the punishment, he sniffed my armpits. I considered his behavior offensive and disgusting, but there was no way out. Then, he started to lick my armpits. It felt good as he licked it one at a time. My hairy armpits was licked for twenty minutes. For the rest of the day, he owned me, and licked my armpits whenever he had the chance. I loved every minute of it because it was pleasurable. For the first time ever, I appreciated my armpits more, and tried to get people to lick my pits.

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oh my god that would tickle me. my armpits are so ticklish and i wouldnt want to do that or anyone to do that to me. that is so gross do you know how much crap and how dirty your armpits are and B.O. sick!!

I love to get my hairy armpits licked. ( whether from a female or a male) anyone

can i

Yup its nice & yummieeeeeee too....

There are many causes for a boy to become homosexual (your friend?) one cause has been well established. The more older brothers, the more likely a boy is to become homosexual. It appears this is related to being forced face first into the older brothers armpits during critical development years between 8 and onset of puberty. As you probably know, the armpits are a rich wellspring of pheromones. I would be interested to know if your friend became a full-fledged homosexual.

If you are a women armpit lover...this is your heaven....!!!<br />
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