Touched On A Flight To Laguardia

I had a job that took me in and out of Manhattan on a weekly basis. I have taken commuter flights from Boston, or Upstate NY or from Philly or D. C., a hundred times. One early morning I was taking a 6AM flight from Upstate NY to Laguardia for my work in Manhattan. It was just a blur of a morning with the routine: parking the car, filing through security at the airport, grabbing the cup of coffee, stuffing your crap in the overhead bin, and slumping in my isle seat in the last row of a commuter turboprop that make more droning noise than anyone should have to tolerate.

So, I'm not in an unpleasant mood. Just sleepy and a bit disconnected. I'm thinking to myself, "When the props start churning I'll catch a 40 minute nap and I'll feel brand new when we touch down." When I found my isle seat in the next to last row (which was empty) I looked at the person occupying the seat at the window next to my seat. She was a very young black woman. A bit plump but proportional in her shape. Sexy. And, she was very cute.

As soon as I slumped into my seat I could smell her. She had a distinct fragrance of rose pedal emanating from her. Perhaps a bit of lavender too, but it was a warming smell that made me relax immediately as I pulled my iPod from my pocket and began to plug into Neil Young's "Prairie Wind" an album that provides the hypnotic effects necessary for a good in-flight nap. But, still it was that smell, that alluring scent of something wonderfully sweet that was perking up my morning haze. I looked again at my stranger by the window and said, "Good morning. If I snore in-flight you have my permission to punch my shoulder." She laughed and said, "I'll give you more than a punch." So, again my stranger friend got me aroused with thought, not only from her smell but also her choice of words. She had a broad smile and big white teeth and she continued looking down while thumb texting on her cellular phone.

I closed my eyes and the flight attendant walked up and down the isle counting passengers. When I glanced back toward the rose-pedal young girl she was thumbing through pictures on her smart phone. I noticed one was of a naked set of boobs, and then another of a full frontal naked black girl. It was her. When she realized my eyes where no longer closed she turned the screen on her phone away from me. I said, "That was interesting, can you show me some more?" She laughed and said, "Damn, you saw that? I'm embarrassed. I was just looking through some sexting pics I sent a friend." I was intrigued and again asked if I could see more of her pictures.

She giggled and started scrolling through dozens of pictures of her naked breasts and her beautiful *****, and then she pulled up a picture of her touching herself. I gasped, "Wow, that one is perfect. I'm going to ask my friends to send me some pics like you send." She looked up into my eyes and there was this connection that is inexplicable. Trust. She knew me somehow and I knew her as well. She then said, "Why look and the pictures when you can see the real thing?" And, she put her hand down between her legs and leaned back and rubbed herself. Now her eyes were closed and my eyes where wide open. When the attendant made the last sweep of the plane to check seat belts I asked for a blanket noting it was a bit cold. He promptly reached into one of the bins and handed me a navy blue felt blanket which I spread across my lap. The attendant asked my rose-pedal friend if she was cold too and she said, "I'll just use my coat." And, she reached around to remove her down filled coat and spread it over her lap at the same time brushing my thigh noticeably.

Well, I was wide awake now and hard as a high schooler with a naked cheerleader. The plane began to taxi to take off and again I felt a hand brush up my thigh. I understood the gesture as "remove these pants." It was unspoken but somehow very clear to me. I unbuckled, unzipped and slid my pants down to my knees while keeping covered by the felt blanket. Nearly in unison my new aromatic friend did the same. She was wearing jeans and slipped them down but did not cover herself with her down coat. The flight attendant was buckled into his seat in the front of the plane and we were alone in the back row. I could see just a glimpse of her pubic hair and watched her stroke two fingers from her right hand under her pubic mound. Now the frangrance changed. There was rose pedals and lavender and now something more like cinnamon and honey. I was stroking my **** and felt an immediate wetness of precum at my **** slit which really surprised me.

My friend glanced back at me and said, "Can I touch you?" I said "Oh yeah I'd love it but I'm getting a bit sticky." And she replied, "Oooh, I'm sticky too." And she reached her right hand wet with her ***** juice and grasped the tip of my **** and I felt an electrical jolt. Her hand was soft and firm and slippery and my **** twitched with anticipation as the plane lifted off from the runway.

I felt as if I should return the favor and reached my right hand under her down coat and found her *****. My god in heaven the heat was unbelievable and she was soaking wet. I pulled my hand back and put my fingers to my nose and inhaled her. My **** twitched and she started stroking harder on the full length of my hard ****. I reached my hand back down to her wetness and rubbed across the lips of her *****, then drawing her ***** wetness to her **** I gently massaged her nub like a delicate flower's stamen. She made a soft moan and tilted her head back in her seat and squeezed my **** as if to say, "Thank you, keep doing that." And I did and she did. And we were in a sleepy rhythm of mutual ************ when I noticed we were at altitude and the flight attendant was beginning the beverage service.

From experience I knew most attendants don't disturb sleeping passengers, so I leaned my head on her shoulder and feigned sleeping as I continued my soft caress of her wet **** and *****. She put her head against mine and acted as if asleep. We continued our touching until the attendant finished his service, never reaching our row or asking if we wanted a beverage. I am completely certain he knew exactly what we were doing. These guys have seen it all and this guy was so cool about leaving us alone.

As soon as the attendant began pushing his service cart back to the front of the plane, my friend lifted my blanket and dropped her head into my lap and kissed the head of my **** and then opened her warm mouth and slipped her mouth slowly down my shaft and tongued my frenulum beneath my **** head. Again and again her mouth moved down my length and it was only moments and I exploded into her mouth. She did get most of my *** down but when pulling her head up I saw a streak of *** on the navy blue blanket.

When she moved her head back into her seat I increased the rhythm of my ***** rubbing. I reached back to my **** and pulled a gob of *** onto my fingers and brought my hand back to her warm *****. Again, there was electricity but this time it was striking her and she arched her back and pushed her pelvis into my hand and I felt the unmistakable flexing in her groin as she had her ******. She was so wet she was soaking seat on the plane. I patted her ***** lips and caressed her thighs for several minutes. Her hand stayed gently caressing my semi-hard **** until we touched down at Laguardia.

Upon landing we buttoned up our pants. I looked at her in the eyes and said, "How come every flight can't be like this?" And she laughed and said, "I've never had one like this an I doubt I'll have another like it." She told me she had family in the city she was visiting.  She told me her boyfriend was in the military and has been away on deployment in Afghanistan. For the first time I felt guilty. Like I cheated a friend in service to our country. But, it was recreational ************ and when I thought about it I surmised that she was so cool about the whole interaction that somehow her boyfriend would understand.

We exited the airplane like the strangers we were when we got on board. None of the passengers gave us a glance. The sun was rising on NYC and I had a much better outlook on the day. I still find it hard to believe what happened but I find myself much more open to my fellow passengers when I'm flying.

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Lucky lady.

That is a once in a lifetime (usually never in a lifetime) kind of story. Lucky you! Lucky her! Wow! Thanks, dude.

Hot story man.

Thanks for not keeping this to yourself. Got me rock hard!

FN!!! Hot man!

Welcome to the mile high club. I love how your story was tender yet wild. I'll have to post mine, since inspired..