My Job Is Giving 'Yoni' Massage To Women.

Yes I do enjoy giving 'Yoni' massages to my female clients.
It is a way for me to make extra money and something I have been doing for years for free.
I have now advertised and I am getting a few women to massage.
When my website goes live, and the paid advertising with a very strong internet company totally involved with Google, I am hoping for a good response.

I find there is nothing better than giving a woman a very intimate massage and then going on to the 'Yoni' massage where I penetrate her with my fingers and massage the inside of her 'Yoni' and try to get as many ******* from her as I can. The **** is very important in this massage as it brings the woman's body alive and very responsive to my touch.
The anus is another area .

For those of you that do not know there are more nerve endings surrounding the 'Yoni' than anywhere else in the female body..Second to that is the anus and it can bring the woman's body to a point of extasy very easily. The combination of intense, but gentle, rubbing of the **** and the massaging of the 'G' spot will bring your lady to a point she may never have experienced before.

The arousal is so intense that anything can happen.As she hits the ****** the body will rise off the massage couch like I am levitating it. It is an amazing thing to see and, if this happens, I know I am doing my job correctly. The few ladies I have had since starting have all re-booked for after christmas to get rid of the tension build up of that period of the year.
It is not only an erotic experience for the woman but also very relaxing as the full body massage that is done first will get her body totally relaxed and very responsive for the next, and very sensual, part of the massage. If she is not relaxed and receptive then it will be very hard work to get that ultimate climax out of her at the end of the massage whan she says"no more".

Yes I enjoy my 'job' as it not only makes my client feel good but gives me a great aroused feeling if all is working as it should. There is no sexual service implied, or offered, as it is purely a massage service. Some women ask for a 'Naturist' massage and I am very happy to ***** and join them naked as they get their massage. Wandering hands are the only inference to sex that is involved in the massage, and that is at the clients behest, and not mine.

I really enjoy my work, when I have it, and I am hoping for a good response after the christmas, new year, period.
I am still designing my website so I will give you a link for when it goes live and you can see the services I offer. This is done at my home or I will travel to them in their homes, or hotel if they are just here for the night and need that something extra to relax them.

Girls if you have never had a 'Yoni' massage you should get one. It will make you feel so, so good!
is my website URL and will be live in about a weeks time.
If you would like more information then contact me on site.

kered44 kered44
70+, M
Dec 5, 2012