A Secret Around The World Birthday Card With A Treat Inside Of Your Choosing..:)and Maybe Her Dream Party

Hi! I am trying to do something awesome and keep it a secret from my daughter until cards start coming in the mail!!! I'm trying to organize around the world birthday cards with a surprise inside for a soon to be 13 yr old. It does not matter what you put inside her card, a letter, drawing, stickers, money, etc..what ever is placed in your heart. Her birthday is December the 21st and she will be the big 13!!!!!!...a teenager!!! We have been in hardship for awhile, and are very limited on what we can do, she is a hard worker around the house with chores, and she works hard in school, she really does not ask for much, but has really been looking forward to turning 13 and has had her heart set on a really cool birthday party, but I have had to tell her NO several times, because of struggles, and it breaks my heart, because she has been a hard worker since she was 8 yrs old, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, etc...now she continues to do her chores, and she is even better at everything she does. My husband just got a job November 15th, so there is no way we can make her dreams come true, but with your help heros we can do something special for her. I would like for her to remember this day for the rest of her life!!!! So I'm trying to get cards sent secretly to her through the mail, and possibly try to get help with a surprise Birthday party, if I can't give her a party then, I will be thankful for a card:) Can you help me make this happen? Thank you for helping and caring. God Bless!
mlab mlab
41-45, F
Dec 3, 2012