My Little Maggie

I adore my sweet young wife and will do anything for her. She has a very sweet young friend named Maggie. Maggie is a tiny thing, has full rosy cheeks, pretty red lips and the juiciest little mouth you could ever imagine. Thing is, my wife loves me to kiss Maggie and Maggie loves to be kissed. Honey says - "please kiss her all you want as long as I can watch". That's fine by be. I love to kiss Maggie.
We fell into a routine, a very satisfying routine. I usually kiss Maggie 5-10 minutes each morning, that's all we get. Work, you know.

The evening is a different story. I can kiss Maggie as much as I want. Mostly. The more I kiss her the more her cheeks and lips swell. Her pretty little mouth gets even juicier and she kisses me back. She likes little delicate angel kisses, firm kisses and most of all, deep french kisses. Whatever Maggie wants and needs, I give. I love it!

But in the evening, it always ends the same. I may get to kiss Maggie 20-30 minutes, sometimes an hour, if I'm lucky. But each time my Honey will gently push my head away from Maggie, bring my face to hers, kiss me deeply, whispering "Maggie really loves you kissing her, but she has other things she needs to do now".
DogAZ007 DogAZ007
46-50, M
Jul 10, 2010