Lots Of It

You might thing I am making this up but i am not. One night at a frat party in college. I was invited into a room by a female friend. I was totally wasted and she was not that attractive but a friend non the less and also in the sister soroity to the fraternity I was in. After I entered the dark room I was pushed backwards onto a bed. A group of the ugly ******* in the sorority were in the room. They told me to relax and enjoy it. So I did. I had about 6 different women suck my **** until I finally filled one of their mouths up with my ***. Great times!

I love the way a ***** tastes, I love the way a ***** smells. I love the way it feels on my face when I go down on a girl.

I want to suck a guy's **** while his wife or girlfriend watches. I dont want to know these people very well and I want her to be naked and telling me what to do.
frustrated7878 frustrated7878
31-35, M
Jul 21, 2010