I Love Giving Blow Jobs

I have a confession to make: I love sucking ****. Maybe that's not such a revelation, considering the other things I've shared but I'm starting to get the feeling that most women give head just to please their men. 

Some girls have a secret dirty side, and giving head allows them to be a little frisky. I would guess that's why I enjoy it so much. Some girls try to hurry up; they do the bare minimum for 30 seconds and then ask, 'Can we have sex now?' If she's confident and tries to take the whole **** in her mouth, the guys in heaven. A girl owns a guy when she does that! I believe that it's a give and take and both parties should be willing to please his or her boyfriend equally. 

The idea that a ******* is a dirty, unsavory chore persists. For some women, they're used as an out when she doesn't want to have sex (or as household quid pro quo: "If you take out the garbage, I'll give you a blow job." To me its not a chore but a way to express my affection for my boyfriend.  

Not to long ago, I gave my boyfriend a blow job for about an hour. He enjoyed every minute. I was content to maximize my time figuring out what he liked as I love his shape, smell and taste. Even my sore jaw the next day was a mark of a job well done. I love to make his eyes roll back in his head, his toes twitch, and making his  back arch.  When you give a mind-blowing blow job, you have the ability to make your partner numb. In my opinion, there's nothing better than that. The very thought of sucking his **** makes me wet. Doing it practically sends me into a tailspin, and I often touch myself while I'm going down. To me, there's something even more sensual and connected about swallowing someone's hard ****. However, I can't multitask either. Attempting 69 usually results in me either lying there panting or squirming away to focus on the task at mouth, as it were.

When my boyfriend asks me 'Wanna suck my ****?' I'm on my knees and touching myself, I love the control; I can make him plead, sing, giggle and twitch. Blow jobs can be explosive quickies, engaging foreplay, or elaborate, drawn-out procedures. You can fondle his balls, finger his *******, or pump his **** with your hand. You can take your time, savoring the taste and smell. Meeting my boyfriend's gaze while his **** is in my mouth makes me tremble. I get off on him stroking my cheek or, if I'm leaning across his body, kneading my back. Deep-throating takes patience, but I believe I satisfy my boyfriend in my sword-swallowing act.
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You are amazing! :)

Great to hear, a true lady x

This story was hot just to read. Sounds like you know how to keep a man happy

god bless you! What a hot story & what a wonderful woman.

lucky you! your hubby/spouse/bf likes getting sucked! I like sucking my hubby more than he likes to receive it.

Im sure im only the millionth guy who wishes he was in your husbands place


I wish my wife shared your attitude about ********!!!

Will you marry me??

I wish more women had your attitude. You are one sexy lady.

nothing hotter than a chicks lips around my hard ****...such a turn on...your man is very lucky

great story< i am with you on this one all the way, good for you girl.

good for you, you go girl.

wow you make it sound great for both parties, it is nice that you both enjoy yourself, I would love to have a girlfriend that enjoyed it as much as you, sometimes i wonder if i was a girl if i could enjoy doing what you do with your boyfriend, you do make it sound so nice?

maybe you should try this with a man you may want to switch teams

i don't know would it make me gay if i just wanted to try it once and i did not like it? but than again what if i liked it a lot?

u can suck mine anytime u want

sometimes i wonder WHY it takes so long for me to *** during a blow job. Some dont mind while others get tired ( sore jaw ) but in the end we both have fun.

You are one hell of a woman and should be a leader and teacher to others who think it's a chore!! I love you style!

I love your attitude :-) Every man needs to have a woman like you....maybe some of them would learn just how sensuous love can be when both partners are mostly interested in the pleasure of the other. It is normally always returned two fold.

Ur story got me really hard wish u could suck my 9 1/2in ****

what a greart story. Myt wife have the best Bj's.

what a greart story. Myt wife have the best Bj's.

I like women who like to give ********.

Your husband is very lucky. I love to give as well and like you said it is fun to get control over your significant other and watch them get tons of pleasure! I just wish my wife would like to give and receive.

I want to be next, Pick me oh chose me. I will behave if chosen. I need it bad.

I feel the same way about giving a sexy woman a long, sensual licking which starts with a back massage then an *** tonguing ending with me devouring her sex for as long as she can stand it.

I feel the same way about giving a sexy woman a long, sensual licking which starts with a back massage then an *** tonguing ending with me devouring her sex for as long as she can stand it.

WOW... lucky bf of yours. Wish you were my GF. ummmm

You described my wife.....she will do it for me (sometimes) if I ask her to, but she will only do it for like you say about 30 seconds or so (okay, maybe a minute or two). She had bad experiences with it--she was abused as a child--and I understand that. However that doesnt change the fact that I wish she could be more open and giving with it. To be honest....Ive had some decent oral sex (one woman actually swallowed), but I have never had a really great *******. I could identify with what you said about how you feel when giving one as I feel that same way when giving oral to my wife. Her taste and small is a huge turn on, and once I get started I dont want to stop. I love it when she **** too. I like to do it until she has had as many ******* as she can stand. She loves me going down on her, and I love obliging....I just wish she could feel that way about doing it for me (she IS pretty good at it from little bit I get to experience). Your boyfriend is a lucky fellow to have someone like you.

I am so with you on this one. I didn't always think that way. I have recently discovered the passion I have for pleasing a man with my mouth!! I am so incontrol and definately love loking into his eyes while his **** is in my mouth. I have the power to tease, make him feel good, make it hurt, Make it *** or slow it down. And if he is good, I will put it all the way down my throat till it won't go in any further and swallow! I will even show my man his load before I swallow it. Haven't been able to convince him to share it with me yet though.<br />
Thanks for sharing :)

I admire your attitude Penelope.<br />
As for the 2 minute test – on the one hand I’d like to see if I could bring a guy off in 120 seconds, but then again I my fun would be over before my panties get even half way wet.<br />

It is truly wonderful on your attitude and how you love giving bj's to your husband. You are a confident woman and who gets pleasure from giving pleasure. I agree that so many women think of giving a bj is a chore something they have to do or put up with, but giving oral is so intimate. The person giving oral, whether it is a woman giving a bj to a guy or a guy licking a woman's *****, is in control of the other person's pleasure. I know it gives me great pleasure in making my wife *** orally after bringing her close to ******* then backing off several times.

what an awesome writer you are, my knees are weak just from reading, I was there, I experienced what you just wrote, thank you...<br />
stay wet and smile...xXx

You are a beautiful woman. In taking charge of your man, you do so completely and in every facet. To take a man's most sensitive area between your teeth puts you in command of your universe and his.

Oh boy are you right on the money. Any woman who puts a **** in her mouth literally "owns" that guy. To enhance your ownership of him, I offer a kinky but very true suggestion. Tie him up! That's right, tie him up. S-p-r-e-a-d-e-a-g-l-e him make him know who's in charge and take him -- all of him for as long as you want. Notice what I said. . . take for as long as YOU want. Let him know that you are in charge and before you know it, he's making promises that he wouldn't normally make unless he is under your control. I know this as this is the way I am taken and make promises.

You'd like the scent of my wet **** all over your face, wouldn't you?

I wish that more women thought like this. Your husband is a lucky man.

I prefer to give. You name it. I love to put my mouth on ****, *****, ****, balls. Always have. No idea why but don't really care!

2 minutes? That's no fun. lol

PS - for the "two minute challenge", they call in a little fat chick named "Nok". She has been known to actually kill men! Caves their foreheads in! Don't mess with Texas or "Miss Nok"!!!

Great little fantasy. All women fancy themselves great cocksuckers. I have a great idea for a test. There is an establishment on the Itaewon ***** in Seoul, Korea. They give a "two minute guarantee". You shoot your load in two minutes or the BJ is free, less than 2 minutes, you pay double. No one on their second visit is stupid enough to take this challenge. Get a job at "Mom's House of Blow-jobs", let's see if you can last a day. If Mom offers you a job, then you are a great **********!

I'm right there with you. I love to take a man in my mouth and play with him, using my tongue to tease him, driving him wild. I like the control part too, to be in control of when and how he **** is an amazing feeling for me and i get so wet. Glad to know I'm not the only woman out there who likes to suck **** just because I want to. Thanks for sharing.

God bless you