Face Sitting?

I have never had this experience. I often fantasize about a female roughly sitting on my face and forcing me to eat her out until she **** all over my face. I can see her grabbing the back of my head with my arms pin down between both of her legs forcing my face into her pulling my head into the positions that give her the most pleasure. She's a petite woman and although she isn't a big girl she's surprising strong for her size. She not only gets pleasure from my tongue, lips and nose; she also gets pleasure from seeing me grasping for air as she smothers my nose and mouth with her love box. Sweat and her juices not only get cover me lips, but my entire face and even gets in my eyes. She dominates me and will only let me please her orally. After she ****, she just sits on my face for a while commanding me not to move unless she says so; any movement I make without her command results in her grabbing the back of my head pushing my nose and mouth into her brush reminding me who's in charge. I lay there in total submission until she's satisfied and done with me.

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May 5, 2012