My First Bj Was Truly Amazing, But Giving Was Way Better!

This may sound odd, I am guy who is definitely addicted to pleasuring my ****, it is true what Freud said, everything comes down to the penis.

I have to say however, the first time I got a ******* was good but nothing like what happened after. I will start by explaining that I never slept around like normal people when I was young. My first sexual experience was with my sister when I was very young, but that is for another group.

Anyway, I was relatively pure until I met a young lady (she was 22 I was 30) online who wanted to fulfill my fantasy of receiving road-head, not sure why I wanted to experience that, maybe the scary nature of someone seeing or getting into a car crash, or just the fact that I love to drive and couple that with getting head seemed to be a great ides. Either way this lady loved to suck ***** and wanted to give me this experience. I was shocked she was so willing but knew we had to get together.

She lived in Northern Indiana, I was in Southern Missouri at the time, but I had to be with her somehow. We chatted for around four months before I had the time off to drive up to see her, and we made a plan for her to visit me in Missouri, I lived near Branson, worked at a theme park and could go to all the shows for free, so it was a good time for her.

When we met we both knew we were hot for each other, from the time we saw each other it only took around 3 hours before we were on our way and then in a hotel room. After chatting for 4 months we both knew each other very well already and couldn't wait to indulge in some carnal pleasure.

We ended up staying in a decent Hotel room with nice amenities, but all we wanted was sex. We both couldn't wait to get on with what we so passionately talked about. When we entered the room Desiree immediately dropped to her knees and began unbuckling my pants. Her eyes were dark, smiling up at me, making me realize she had wanted my **** in her possession since she saw me. My **** was semi hard since I had seen her, so as soon as she started to unbuckle me it sprang to life. She smiled and said this is what I was waiting for.

When she had my pants around my legs she slid my underwear off and my **** sprung at her, she giggled and said "I have been longing to see you too, now you will get the attention you deserve."

She started by kissing up and down my ****, she also sucked the tip very gently and expertly, I was in heaven. When she started to deepthroat me I felt like I was weak in the knees and would fall over as she expertly played my **** with her tongue and her perfect sucking. Needless to say she made my **** explode in her mouth and then gobbled up all the *** without even coming up for air.

After this amazing display I was hooked, she then begged me to lay on the bed so she could do it again, she knew it would take a bit to recover, but she said she wanted to play. So being a guy I loved her playing with my ****. It immediately got hard again and she went to town again giving me a mindblowing *******. When her playing couldn't revive me anymore, she really loved ****. I told her it was my turn.

As she was already undressed, I slowly worked my way down her body, paying special attention to her perky breasts, truly enjoying that her nipples became rock hard as I enjoyed sucking them gently into my mouth. I kissed her belly as I made my way down to her eden. I heard in some sort of show that if you go slow a deliberate ladies really like it, so I tried and kissed her thighs, massaging around her ***** the whole time. My mind was telling me to dive in to the pie, my mouth was truly watering. I also found that my **** was rock hard.

When I dove in to her amazing *****, I was in heaven, you have to understand I had no understanding of a *****, but I knew I LOVED IT! I brought her to three consecutive *******. I also spurted out after the second one. It was incredible, nothing touched my **** but it unloaded itself because of the intense pleasure Deisree was receiving. From then until now I realized I love pleasuring the *****. The nectar is sweet beyond compare, and the work is always rewarding.
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Mmm fabulous story!

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