I Love Giving Oral To Women And Recieving In Turn

there is nothing more great in this world to me that eating ***** whild get good head at the same time ,,,,,, i have it all when it come to oral ,,,, my girl can suck **** like a pro and i love eating her ***** out some time i eat her for two hours non stop and then **** her the rest of the night. maybe i like when she shave`s her ***** and get`s all washed up to head to bed for the night,,, i take full advantage of this situation by play with her ***** while she`s on her belly and she like`s it ,,,i can tell by the way she moans while i finger her for a good while before i turn her on her back and spread big thighs to look at her sweet ***** ,,,,,i love puttin my thong on her ***** the taste is amazing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i feel i will go eat her now
qwertyuio qwertyuio
May 20, 2012