I was reading stories on EP that got me so hot. I told my husband to take a shower and that I had a surprise for him. He came out of the bathroom, skin still moist and with his **** in his hand, slowly stroking it. He climbed on top of me and slowly kissed me. He pulled my shirt over my head and started to suck on my erect nipples. I have very large breasts, and he cupped them roughly and started to suck them harder. My hips grinded into him and he knew what I wanted. He started by licking my cl*t very gently and it felt like electricity. He built up the speed and pressure until I felt juices flowing down my crack and soaking the sheets. I begged him to put his d*ck in my mouth. He turned into a 69 position with him on top and face ****** me for what felt like hours. There were times I felt smothered but yet I still couldn't get enough of him. We the switched so that I was on top, sitting on his face, swallowing his 7 inches with total lust. I came for the second time and stopped when I could tast his pre***. I begged him to mount me from behind. I love doing it real slow from this position. Feeling him pull all the way out and then slide back in again. My shoulders touching the mattress. His hands sliding up my belly and then pinching my nipples. I stop him just before he *****. I make him lie down and then I climb on top. It feels so good to have him that deep inside me. I start off slow to make him last then start bouncing up and down. Breasts bouncing and moaning load enough to scare the cats. I come so hard I am shaking and he finishes in my mouth. I cant wait to have people read this...
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1 Response May 22, 2012

Thanks for the comment on mine. Your experience is extremely hot itself. Enjoy!