Best Insident Of My ******* Off

i was just got out d shower, nice and fresh i was walking nakit around my house, I was all by my self and I new it, then I deside to turn on d tv, but I notice that my window was open, I was going to close it, but I deside not to bkos it was very fresh outside, I grab a beer and sit on d couch, but jLo on d monie was turning me on so i realise my hard on so big, and star playing with my self, I got up from d couch to go get another beer, and i notice my neighbor was watching me thru d window, and my **** got harder than ever, I keep playing with my **** but this time I was standing up, so I star notice that she was getting closer to d window, and I star getting closer to d window to, my heart was pounding so ******* hard, but my **** got harder, i was acting like I didnt see her, so I turn my back to the window, and she made a noice like mmm then I couldnt take it any longer turn around stick my hard as hell **** out of d window, and OMFG, she start sucking my **** like so ******* good, holly **** waen I look around her house, !!! omg, her husband!!! he was hiding behind d curtains ******* off I gess, I didnt say nothing, i was to hard and exited, I came in her mouth, and she drink all of it, after that, we have never spoke a word about that, and we keep living like d good neighbors, Im very sorry about my spelling I kinda learn english on my own, so I hope uall have understood, thank u and if something alse happen with my neighbors, ill will pot it, bye now.
Lapinga Lapinga
31-35, M
May 25, 2012