Super Head...

I call myself the "head doctor" as a joke... Im a barber and finishing up my degree in psychology... but the real reason is because I LOVE to suck ****! I love sliding a **** between my lips while I look up at you... getting it nice and slippery... stroking it in one hand as I tickle his ball with the other... then I slowly suck it into my mouth with no hands at all... until my face is pressed against his groin & the head is past my tonsils and I swallow so he can feel all of my mouth and throat "stroke" his ****.... and I never spit... always swallow his ***... but the part that you cant practice or learn... the shape of my mouth inside creates the perfect suction... giving pleasure that most can only handle for a few minutes if Im really giving it to them... Im not a "*****" but my "head game" has gotten me offers of anything I could ever want... but I dont need it the pleasure is ALL mine!
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I can only dream...............


I understand completely, although I am male. I was made to suck a MASTERFUL BLACK **** as a young man, but ever since I was broken, I have been in love. I am forever enslaved to sucking BLACK PENIS, and I love IT!!!!!!!

mmm. A barber too. So, you can give me a shave and then go down

I agree with you, totally hun. xox

So do you ever prescribe this to a patient and do this for him?

wow..great story...add me pls:)

very sexy i enjoy feeling it as well as giving it to a woman you sound so very tempting to be with , thanks for sharing love to be your friend vinny

You sound like I need to *** see my new Doctor,....My fat head in your throat,...And I am a massive shooter.

So Doc, do you make house calls?

I love your stories. Add me babe ;)

You're amazing!

How did you get in to giving great head?

Very hot

mmm what a wonderful, ****-raising story. i think i need to see the doctor now :)

Hmm...the groin huh. Depends on what's in your mouth.

damn.. i do need soneone new to cut my hair lol

your story sounds great would love to see for myself. but i believe you vinny

Your technique sounds fantastic!

I loved your story, because while I love to give (and receive, for that matter) head, sometimes, it's a problem. I have a very powerful gag reflex I have to work through.

I really dont have one at all... it is a learning process though
When you get past it... so fun... then u can choke if u want... lol

hmmm, not to be personal, but is it like that when you swallow too? I just always seem to gag, once I know he's coming....

Do you ever like to receive?

luv to receive also

Was trying to add you... but it wont let me

just did

Damn! That made my **** hard just reading it! You suck a good **** baby!

you sound wonderful.... I can just feel my **** in your mouth right now!

Cant even speak right now!!! WOW

Hey Doc. I need to schedule an appointment with you. When do you think you can pencil me in?

Sounds like you know about heads so i'm willing to bet you know what's going through my heads right now! :-) dc

I can only imagine what an artist you are........and I'd so love to experience a virtuoso performance!

I think i need to make an appointment. My little head need your help.

I'm sure not all the pleasure is your's.I mean,some perhaps,but not