My Classmate And I Together In The Bathroom

I visited her one weekend. She was all alone at home. After a while she took my hand and led me to a bathroom. After kissing my neck she started undressing me and when I was stark naked, she placed her lips on my lower lips and licked and sucked me...I returned the favor before I shared her bed for the first time.
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6 Responses Nov 30, 2012

mmm yummy

What a beautiful sexually gratifying experience that must have been for you. There is nothing more beautiful and stimulating than two women together enjoying each others beautiful sensual body.

Cool Sounds like fun times

Mmmmm How long ago? I would have loved to walk in. Daddy would have forced into each one of your lil lips. Mmmmm I'm high as ****.

can't wait to read more !

any more sensuous adventures? Love to read your experiences.