Let Me Give

Skip the build up, straight to the details. I have been licking and eating the same ***** for 28 years. I am not tired of it. Ever since we have been married, i have been eating her since our honeymoon. This is what I love about *****. I love the taste and SMELL!!! Before I shot my load, I could eat her for sereral hours if she would let me. It must not feel as good to her as it does to me. Having all of her juice over my face and in my mouth is heaven:) Here is how we usually have sex. Keep in mind, I aint complaining. I come how from work around 5:30. She has a glass of wine ready for me and is dressed in her lingerie or just naked. I like to give her a massage, 15 to 30 minutes. We kiss for a while. Wine. I get my **** sucked, licked and rubbed. Making eye contact while she is licking me is a huge turn on for me She goes 15 to 30 minutes. We kiss again because my **** has been in her mouth. I suck her tongue because it feels like a ****. Wine. Then sometimes we play a little. I put my **** in her *****, I put my **** on her boobs, then I mark my territory by rubbing my **** all over her face and hair. More wine. Then i get to give her a blow job:) I will take her **** and play with it with my tongue and suck it too. Sometimes she is quick as a rabbit with orgasam, sometimes a little longer. For me, the longer she takes the better. I love having her pull her legs all the way back to her face. And she loves showing me her goods. My tongue loves going deep in her. She will reach orgasam and then beg for my **** to enter her pleasure zone. But I tell her, pull em back and spread em. I would rather lick it than **** it. Then I finally give in to her request , put my **** in, and moan while I OG. It took a while but, she has started kissing me while I have my OG with her ***** juice all over my face. Sex is good. Thank you God!
vase13 vase13
46-50, M
Dec 1, 2012