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In my marriage I didn't receive very often, I was never comfortable because he acted like it was a chore or like it was a bad thing. But of course he wanted to receive every second. I never really liked it because first I didn't like the way he did it and secondly I wasn't there emotionally. Now my bf makes me feel soo amazing. And when I give to him he turns into some wild animal. What have I been missing for all these years??? ;-)
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Sounds like you ( or he) figured it out! Good for ya'll.

Here is where I have run into problems. A guy may want to go down on me, but then there's the notion of kissing him after he's done that. Even though I might be clean down there, the mere idea of it is a turn-off. I can't explain why. Then there's the giving part. I don't mind doing it as long as.I don't feel the expectation to allow him to ********* in my mouth. I have tasted the stuff before and it is not my favorite flavor. And I've gotten disappointed guilt trips about it. It didn't help that the guy was a smoker. Sure there's "taste aids" one can get in erotica shops, but still it would be better if the guy didn't smoke at all. I know all these peccadilloes I've got can hamper enjoyment, but is it selfish of me to wish for fewer expectations, just because I genuinely don't like being made to feel guilty for "having issues"? I know I sound like I might be a religious nut...I swear I am not. Ambroseguy can attest to this, right bro?

There are just aspects of oral sex that make me uncomfortable, and being made to feel wrong for feeling uncomfortable only makes it worse.

oh not at all druidkat!!! It is perfectly normal, I think, to have hangups about giving oral. I was telling WPeace earlier that my hangups were odor, taste, and just plain old nutty, naive, uninformed stigmas that I could get AIDS or something from her. But I sure as hell loved her going down on me! I guess my double-standard was based on the fact that my organ was external, was easier to keep clean (nothing getting trapped in there), and honestly I never cared if she spit, swallowed, or we went somewhere else entirely before the big eruption. So yeah, it's natural to have hangups, but when you are with the right person, you work through it. I actually enjoy giving oral now, and would actually prefer a shaven organ to do it on for best enjoyment.

I must admit that I've seen enough **** that it weirds me out to see members of my own gender shave or wax nearly ALL their hair down there. Maybe it's my hippie mentality, or my enjoyment of actually being a woman (not a girl!) that prompts me to remain unshaven. I'll trim a bit, but fully shave? Unh-unh! I waited too long as a preteen to grow those hairs and I am sure not giving them up just 'cause other females are doing it. I'm a throwback that way. ;-)

That's fine too! I'm just telling you that I think it would have been easier of my wife shaved a little down there!

Isn;t that AMAZING how that works!!!! LOL I had gotten many a BJ while dating, as soon as we got married, out the window they went! It's like some unwritten female code... lol

Hmmmm well I never really held her to swallowing. It's a turn-on, but whatever a lady can handle is fine. I hear ya though!!!

It's cool, viper. I mourn that loss with you...

You have to be comfortable man or woman, it is a intimate act in my eyes. I hear men say that they got it all the time in the beginning then after marriage its far and few!

Yes, WP, on the one hand it seems like you ladies will do anything to land that ring... on the other hand, they may just be fed up with their guy, and everything being one-sided like you encountered!

I think we all have some kind of hang up about this subject.....

Yes some ladies will do anything...............

@WP - I think hangups are normal initially. But you get past those and you become willing to do anything for your partner. That's when it becomes awesome! ;-)

@Guy, I would have to agree..........

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Important thing is where you are ending up! I am so happy for you, because I know how your previous situation can be. We have gone through phases, some good, some bad, in that department.

Yes I am aware that we all go through things but for 20 years. I want to smile too! Lol

You know it W! You deserve that!

I will have to agree with you. Thank you!