I Love That Sensitive Area Between The Head & The Shaft!

I love to suck ****! I love to see how much I can swallow. I enjoy nipping at the sensitive seam between the head & the shaft. I love swallowing my man's ***. What I do NOT enjoy is being ignored. Excuse me, I have your **** n my mouth preparing to swallow your *** shot. Please try not to yawn or flip TV chanels. I'll even lick your sac n suck on your nuts. It pleases me to bring you pleasure.
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4 Responses Dec 9, 2012

and i love the sensitive area between the ******* and the ***** ;)

Thats your right to ask that must as you are doing so much for him.

I love the way you look up at me while you are working....and then grabbing or playing with your hair!

You would have my full and utmost attention!!!!

You're welcome and you would be!