It Was Routine

I had to watch Mark after school for about an hour. He was 11 and I was 14. I would go to my room to jack off before watching tv and usually he would be fixing a sandwich to eat. But soon he figured out what I was doing and wanted to watch me jack off. I jacked off for him a few times but did not want him to watch anymore. He really wanted to see me *** so he offered to suck me off. I did not take him seriously but for days he begged me to let him do it so I did.

I know people think this would be exciting or abusive but it was mostly weird. 30 seconds in to him sucking my knob and my *** was exploding all over the place as well on his face. He tasted it and said it tasted like snot. We were both kinda disgusted and embarrassed by what happened. We said very little to each other for days.

But before long, he said, "can we do that again?" I made him a pro at sucking ****.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Nice story. Wish I would have started playing that early.