I Love To See How Many Times I Can Make Her ***

I don't believe any woman isn't capable of multiples with the right person. Most like this:

First, I lick her ***** from top to bottom then spread her open and dip my tongue inside a few times or tongue **** her for a bit. Once she's wet, I focus my tongue on her ****. I mouth it and circle it with my tongue, suck it, flick my tongue on it. As I play with the ****, I put one finger inside, sometimes two, and just explore and move my finger around in wide circles stretching her *****. I always keep my nails cut and smooth. A requirement for fingering.

Once she's going, I put in a second finger and spread my fingers apart in wild circles and play inside wherever it makes her moan the most or move the most or she says she likes it. Whatever makes her feel good is where I focus inside.

Then, as I'm making love to the ****, I find her sweet spot. On most women, it is a hard spot toward the tummy on the roof inside her *****. It's ridged and puffy and somewhat hard. I start rubbing that and stretching her *****, alternating.

When she ****, I don't stop. I keep doing the same no matter what. Hopefully, she'll *** again with 5 minutes. If she does (only a couple so far that resisted), I keep going and look for another inside of 2-3 minutes. By then, she doesn't care what I'm doing down there. Too busy moaning and gasping and writhing. Unless she really says to stop (******* hurts or too sensitive), I keep it up for another 30 minutes. 25 was the least number of *******. I stopped counting at 60 on the most in an hour.

lalliek lalliek
36-40, M
Jan 15, 2013