I Go Down On Her First Always!!!

I like to pleasure a woman first and they all seem to like it too! Sometimes I get lucky and meet a woman who insists on giving me a BJ first! Equally awesome!!! I have no problem with her setting the pleasure bar and me trying to match it or better it.

I dated one woman that never liked oral sex, PERIOD. She would refuse any guy she dated who insisted on putting his head between her legs and going down on her. I can proudly say that I turned her on to it! Made her *** for the first time from oral sex and after that she couldn't get enough of it. She even made it a habit by sporting a freshly shaved beaver for me!!

The best part about pleasuring a woman first is tasting her love juices of course. I like it more when she returns the favour with her best performance. The best oral sex I've received is always when I go down on her first and set the pleasure bar very high. I get turned on watching her work and I love it when she tries to out-do what I did to her!
RedBrook RedBrook
36-40, M
Jan 23, 2013