Beaver Shots

Did you ever wish that you were sitting across from a girl who was sitting with her legs open in a skirt with no panties? Well thats me, I like to sit across from unssuspecting people and flash them a peek of my clean shaven pierced ***** and gradually leave my legs open wider and longer, they don't know weather to focus on my huge heaving cleavage or my hot dripping lower **** gobbler and I always act like I don't know that they can see up my short skirt. I especially like doing it on the city bus because of the bumps in the road that always make my ******* bounce and jiggle and speaking of jiggling, hehe, I just love the attention I get when people see the way my huge round *** jiggles when I walk in short flowing skirts and heels which is matched only by the wobble of my globulous ******* which makes my big nipples push out even more than they already do the rest of the time. I love my body, lol.
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11 Responses Jul 19, 2012

The only problem is that I would then be that the view wouldn't be enough--I'd be obsessing over trying to get a taste...<br />
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Man your hot!! I love looking up a skirt!

Getting a beaver shot would certainly make my day! Keep up the good work!!!

i might need to ride the bus more often and hope i get to look up your skirt

We need more women like you out there. i so love to catch that shot, but too many women keep their legs closed. :(

Now this story of yours has really gotten my interest. I am wondering if you ever fuked any of these strangers you teased?

mmmm hi, I for one would love to sit opposit you and watch/admire your jiggling body as you slowly expose you shaven puss to me by spreading your sexy legs

You must have a stunning and curvaceous body. I think it is spectacularly exciting for you to engage in public upskirting and flashing your luscious smooth shaven pierced *****. Once you have seemingly aroused the interest of a curious admirer you certainly know how to maintain their interest as you tease and tantalize them as you daringly expand on exposing your ***** even more. It must give you an electrifying and exhilarating thrill. You evidently give your admirers a sumptuous option to focus on whether it be your huge heaving cleavage or your hot dripping lower **** gobbler. I suspect they would admire your breathtaking feminine contours and your irresistible magnetic mesmerizing ***** alternately as a myriad of thoughts flood their minds. Love to see you walking in a short flowing skirt and heels with panties or pantieless. You are feverisihly hot and wonderfully erotic.<br />
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Thank you for sharing this superlative stimulating story.<br />
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Your defenitly my type of hot sexy and beautiful girl

seeing your ***** and you would be fantastic for any guy