Huggin' Is Good

.. As much as i love holding hands with my friends, or put arms around their shoulders..

Once i read that hugging give some good pressures on other's body-reflective-points, anyway it's always a good feeling whenever my parents or my friends hugging me, so.. you need a hug??

Here I am!

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8 Responses Jul 12, 2010

hey how do u find out that i am going to be a marathon runnerr??? ^^, No, don;t think it's for my big belly, nothing can save its shape... lol... oh and did u hear that jackie was dead some days ago??? hmmm, i suspect it because of more bags u gave him ^^, <br />
<br />
anyway, what will u do with a house??? are u going to chew some doors or sofa?? ^^, awww... i know u eat many things, but not these hon!!!! ^^

giving jackie more bags to carry while he is jogging. yehey! I'll be alone in this house for more hours.

*give dazz more cakes so she will b busy for some time*<br />
<br />

i already love you! love you! love you! mwahaha!

love me! love me! love me! yeheyyyyyyy ^^, ^^,

haha! stop saying that add me! add me! mwahaha! <br />
hug me! hug me! hug me! ^^,

let's hug like there's no tomorrow!! :) :) :)<br />
add me! add me! add me!! hehe

haha! you're with me now with my virtual free hug campaign. ^^, love you momma