Hell mainly cause being straight is just to confusing.

When I was coming up as a hormone inraged teen, The main topic of boys us girls discussed was the size of his ******. In constant search of the biggest ones Bibb Co. schools had.

Time I was pretty mush grown, Well outta shool and leagle to hit the night clubs. Our conversations had swapped to thier personality and how they treated a woman, Size no longer mattered.

Now in my more mateur and better days, All you see on tv is commercials for a magical pill to make that lil ***** a BIG stick!!


So now you ask why Im a lesbian, Well in a lil shoe box is my multi assortment of shapes and sizes. For each one of me different needs and wants. And if a girlfriend is over with a different taste, I have her covered too No more measuring hands or feet, staring at bluejean zippers praying for x-ray vission.


Just thought yall might need a lil giggle today!

Love Sarah
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Well said!

I do not blame you. Most guys do not really care for the whole relationship and what do we have in common stuff, all they care about is putting their **** inside of you. So by being a lesbian you also get to have a real relationship if you want. And since I am more gay than anything else, I have a couple of places for the guys to put their *****, so send them my way :)

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I would love to hear more also! Does your husband know?

WOW!! Your mother-in-law? Thays hot! I must adit Im realy curious to hear more about tis wild tryst!

I want to tell you more, huni. We always sneak into room when the guys not looking, and make out. We want each other SOO bad! It's totally horny and sinful!!

I had to lmfao when I read how you became one of us. I became a lesbian recently after a frustrating marriage left me in serious need of sexual pleasure. I my story is too long to write with this smartassphone, but basically hubby's mother and I ended up in a lustfilled lesbian frenzy of forbidden pleasure!! I always had fantasies of being with another woman, hence the "curious', moniker. Being married( at 17 y.o.), and realizing how unsatisfied this can be, I've crossed over into a wholehearted choice of sexual preference. At 19, I am looking forward to many more delightful experiences my soon to be single hubby will never know. I love meeting women here on EP and comparing our stories. Ttys...xxxooo

are you kidding? his mother? you can't be serious.

why? what happened to you?

Just pure lust and soaking wet, forbidden pleasure!!

how did that even get started??? i don't believe it???

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